The Scaleup &
Startup Accelerator for Retail Industry
We are a scaleup & startup accelerator enabling new business growth in France & Europe. Thus, during three months, world-class scaleups & startups boost their sales opportunities with top Retailers & E-merchants, gaining outstanding exposure among the global Retail industry, and scale faster with our network of more than 50 acceleration programs in the world.
Which startups are we looking for?
Early Stage
B2B startups looking for
  • Pilots or customers
  • Raising pre-seed, seed or series A
  • Strategic partners
  • Expending network
  • Office space in a retail environment
Required engagement
  • Move your entire team to LPnP
  • Minimum attendance requirements
  • Organize an event at LPnP around your expertise
Late Stage
B2B startups looking for
  • Penetrating the European markets and more
  • Strategic partners
  • Boosting traction
  • Raising series B+
  • Adjust the sales process
Required engagement
  • Key decision-makers' relocation to Paris
  • Part-time presence at LPnP
  • Organize an event at LPnP around your expertise
Loïc Winckelmans
"Prestigious mentors for sharing best practices + top intro to Retail giants."
Pierre Humblot
"The team is really awsome, fully involved. We managed to improve our sales processes, they helped me to rock my pitch, and the best thing is that we had a huge dealflow! This is pricesless for a startup! So yes, I warmly recommend all the startups to apply and come here at Lafayette Plug and Play!"
Frédéric Daniel
"The most well organized and efficient accelerator that we have ever tested! Every week has a head business/advisor meeting organized just for us. These meetings were very relevant, and we are currently working on launching with 2-3 partners thanks to these meetings (Carrefour, Galeries Lafayette...)."
Benoît Allibe
"Top acceleration program, 100% focused on business."