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Business Accelerator for Startup

Retailers and digital players are constantly facing numerous challenges. We believe that entrepreneurs who create must-have technologies, that solve high-priority problems, have the power to make a great impact in the Retail & E-commerce industry. Since 2016, Lafayette Plug and Play has become the leading retail business accelerator for startup & scaleup. In fact, we offer a tailored methodology that empowers collaboration with the leading French & European Retail & E-commerce players.
Located in the heart of Paris
Lafayette Plug and Play offers a 3-month program that provides fast track access to the retail market. Operating an accelerator for startup and scaleup, we enable business development growth in France and Europe. The call for application for Batch 10 starts on October 19, and will end on December 4. In 3 months, our accelerator for startup and scaleup allows the participants to boost their growth to a level they would usually achieve in 12 months. This is possible through targeted, relevant introductions and collaboration with a global network of corporate decision-makers, high-level VCs, and expert advisors.
Track Record
Startups accelerated since 2016
Advisors & Experts
Corporate partners
Business opportunities generated
Accelerator for startup in the world
We help you build your client pipeline
We enable access to new clients across France and Europe by matchmaking you with the decision-makers of leading Retail & E-commerce players.
With over 16 major corporate partners in our ecosystem looking for top-priority tech solutions, our accelerator for startup & scaleup is suitable for French and international disruptive companies of all stages that have at least an MVP and a first client.
Why should you apply to Lafayette Plug and Play?
Fee and equity-free
We do not ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather invest in your next round of funding fairly! We ask only that you participate actively in our ecosystem's life.
We look for companies at all stages of development, as long as you have an MVP and a first client. We help you push your sales to the next level, raise capital, and build your business.
With 70+ high-level advisors and experts, Lafayette Plug and Play offers you a top-notch methodology to grow your network, knowledge, and business in the Retail industry.
Build your traction
We have partnered with leading Retail & E-commerce corporations, who seek first-class, business-ready startups. We organize private deal flow sessions, which allow you to land pilots and contracts and therefore grow faster.
Go international
We are part of the Plug and Play global network, which comprises over 50 locations and startup programs across the Americas,Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Depending on your growth strategy, we can help youscale to new markets faster.
Office to grow
By joining our ecosystem, you will gain access to a 1000 sqm space in the heart of Paris and to our expert services. You can grow hassle-free in a rich ecosystem of leading Retail players.
Plug and Play Network supports you from Paris to Silicon Valley
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