We are committed to accelerating
your business
We supercharge retail transformation by teaming up with the world's best startups and leading industry corporations and bringing them together at our space to focus on business acceleration.
Usually, a retail incubator supports new retail operations from their early stages. Although stage agnostic, we are not a retail incubator: we look for startups that have at least an MVP and a first client.
Pieter Lammens
Carl Tabet
Corporate Partnerships
Christian Kunz
Head of Corporate Development
Marwan El Ketroussi
Corporate Partnerships
Gautier Bories
Program & Operations Director
Anne-Sophie Duthion
Head of Communication and Marketing
Mathilde Bureau
Content & E-events Manager
Ingrid Noel
Venture Associate
Chloé Zirah
Venture Analyst
Hugo Asseraf
Venture Analyst