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BATCH June 17'

Snaplytics is a complete platform for social management. It includes brand analytics, publishing, and competitor analysis.

Guesswork is a product recommendation engine which help e-commerce sites to recommend products for their new users.

Clustaar develops an AI-powered platform which automates customer relation interactions through chatbots and other conversational agents.

Merito enables retailers to recruit instantly qualified staff on the platform. Thanks to managers’ recommendations and community evaluations, the network has already found the right candidate for you.

Spoon is a new autonomous and intuitive « machine species » at the centre of human interaction. is an in-store customer behaviour monitoring.

MishiPay provides retailers with a mobile self-checkout that allows shoppers to use their phone to just scan, pay and leave, so they never have to wait in a queue again, while security is ensured through RFID that is automatically disabled

Cypheme is an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing the product's packaging microstructure, using only a cellphone camera.

Dream Agility uses state of the art technology to automate & streamline online advertising on the likes of Google, Facebook, etc , reducing costs and increasing profit in record time.

EuroPass is an emerging player in the Chinese outbound travel industry, developing WechatPay, leading Chinese mobile payment solution, in the European retail and touristic organizations.

Heuritech develops AI solutions to detect trends online for luxury, fashion & beauty actors

Qopius provides on-demand Image Recognition for Retail Execution.

Euveka develops smart connected and evolutive dummies to create, produce and sale garments at the exact size.

daco allows to know all about your competitors’ current and past assortment, pricing strategy, discount allocation, store network, and distribution presence.


Our ten all-star retail and fashion tech startups from the Dec '16 Batch

Affily one is the first application which offer an automatically discount on day to day expenses.

Alcmeon is a tool which help your company to deal with social customer service, social media marketing, and social media selling. 

Chute is the first end-to-end user generated marketing solution that streamlines UGC search and discovery, curation, rights management, publishing and brand insights.

Early birds help their clients to increase their sales by offering to each one of their visitors a personalized experience which generates commitment.

Easy size use crowsourced fashion data and advanced algorithms to ensure the 90% + accuracy of the size prediction.

Igloo is an application which allow customers to try on clothes at home and return their item easily. 

Primo1D is a innovative technological solutions supplier that transforms your products into connectable objects.

Smartzers video player adds clickable hotspots to videos. Viewer scan click anything in the video to see more information or a link to shop. 

With Transaction Connect it’s easier to identify buyers, engage customers, analyze the data, and optimize the sales. 

ShopRunBack is a tool which make easier the return of your online item.